Creative products

iCube Module

Easy to put together, versatile and creative,  with 6 sides of seamless hi-res LED surface, the iCube offers a new twist to POS, exhibition, art or any unique visual display.

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iCurve (2)Create super-smooth concave and convex curves with zero gaps or form circles with a 1.4m radius with these lightweight modules offer a high contrast and interesting offering.

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LightSliceLightSlice cut out copy2

Full video pixel slice, offering the ultimate creative solution, with versatile rig & mounting options. Perfect for TV, live events and exhibition sets. Designed in the UK using Japanese components and assembled in Korea.

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The unique rubberfaced, lightweight, bendy LED video solution now offers more for the live events  and fixed installation markets. It’s flexible, thin, magnetic and all in all is a unique combination that allows you to express your creative ideas.

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LED FloorDF9B_1 copy

A modular floor with the ability to provide eye-catching video floorscapes. Ideal for promotional stands at Expos, launches and exhibition stands. With a weight bearing limit of 1,200kgs per square metre, more than enough to stand an SUV or car on.

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