Fixed Installation Products

digiTHINdigiTHIN Front view

The easy to understand and simpler to install next-generation indoor screen system. Designed for projector replacement, digiTHIN is the slimline, sleek, high-performance display solution in HD dimension format.

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digiTILE FixeddigiTILE HD Front Back and plate sml

Quickly create high-performance displays onto any magnetic surface. This versatile system is fit for indoor and outdoor use with its superb brightness levels.

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VHRi 1.6mm 3sml

CE Certified, lightweight, silent modules, manufactured to high tolerances to create super-smooth hi-res displays with remote diagnostics and breathtaking contrast. With viewing distances of just 1 metre and an off angle performance of  up to 160° (without colour shift) the VHRi range is the clear choice for applications where only the best will do.

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With 80% transparency, this sleek looking screen hides DPUs and connectors from view, allowing you to become creative with your content on this mesh screen.

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STELLA M Fixed OutdoorStella back4

Designed for superb performance, with precise engineering for fixed installations. A functional design matched to affordable prices for outdoor applications and coupled with reliable electronics and CE certification.

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The unique lightweight, bendy LED video solution now offers more for the live events  and fixed installation markets. It’s flexible, thin, magnetic and all in all is a unique combination that allows you to express your creative ideas.

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LED FloorDF9B_1 copy

A modular floor with the ability to provide eye-catching video floorscapes. Ideal for promotional stands at Expos, launches and exhibition stands. With a weight bearing limit of 1,200kgs per square metre, more than enough to stand an SUV or car on.

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