AV Rental & TouringAV rental

A wide variety of products for the rental market supplied in rugged housings optimised for fast-rig to help you maximise ROI.

Our products: iMAG-R, Toura, LightSlice, VHRiDPP, DPP-Q, newFLEX, i-CUBE, i-CURVE, f-CURVE, x-TEK, o-TEK, Stella-M Rental

DOOH AdvertisingDOOH

24/7, 365, our products are designed for life-long good looks using the highest quality components and featuring remote diagnostics



Turnkey solutions for media displays for both indoor and outdoor applications

Our products: Toura, x-TEK, STELLA MiMAG-RVHRi

TV StudioTV

We have a proven track record in the high-end TV studio market; rock solid, flicker free, on-camera performance with full greyscale at low brightnesses

Our products: newFLEX, x-TEK, LightSlice, iMAG-RVHRi


Inform, engage, entice; LED screens create impact in any retail environment, increasing customer dwell time which results in higher sales revenue

Our products: DPP, DPP-Qi-CUBE, MIRAGE N, VHRiiMAG-R


Over 50 screen installations at leading sporting venues installed over the past 12 years

Our products: STELLA M, QUASAR,iMAG-R


Fantastically flexible, cleverly curvy or seamless sharp corner displays, the options are only limited to your imagination

Our products: newFLEX, DPP-Q, i-CUBE, i-CURVE, MIRAGE N, LightSlice

Bespoke Engineeringbespoke

Our experienced mechanical and electronic engineers based in our China & Hong Kong offices can work with you to develop systems to meet your individual needs

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