ANC – Cleveland Cavaliers

How to build a Power Portal

The Cleveland Cavaliers Sports Stadium in Ohio, USA wanted to reinvigorate its venue with a $185 million investment. Central to the desired transformation was a first of its kind ‘Power Portal’ – a fully immersive entrance tunnel, covered floor to ceiling in screen surfaces.

The Challenge

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digiLED invented the first ever flexible LED screen product, digiFLEX, which won the 2008 PLASA Technology Award. digiFLEX is super bendy, has astonishing viewing angles and is a limitless, creative solution for ingenious applications like this one. Its magnetic fixings make installations simple, and on the rare occasions that tiles need to be swapped out, it can be done in only a few seconds.

Z-axis adjusters

Z-axis alignment is made easy by our patent pending technology, employed on digiTHIN, which allows for the fine adjustment required on hi-res products, ensuring screen surface heights match perfectly.

Mask customisation

We designed and engineered identical masks for the flat and flexible sections of the portal to ensure that the viewing characteristics, especially the wide angle image quality, were identical and could not be told apart.

“The combination of two types of LED screen supplied by digiLED were the perfect solution for the project.”

Customised solutions are our speciality