Latest LED screen technology on display at InfoComm 2017

Hit the links below to see digiLED Technical Director, Tom Mudd, give the low-down on our products on display at our InfoComm 2017 booth.

See our digiLED x-TEK LED screen system here: digiLED x-TEK at InfoComm 2017 – it’s capable of completely seamless convex and concave curving of up to +/- 10 degrees, utilising its wedge connector mechanism for precise angles.

Watch the digiLED MIRAGE N LED display here: digiLED MIRAGE N at Infocomm 2017 – this lightweight LED screen system offers two visual formats in one space – a transparent LED screen that when required can cleverly disappear, allowing the image behind to be in the spotlight.

For more information on the digiLED x-TEK or digiLED MIRAGE N, please contact

Videos courtesy of rAVe Publications

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