Illumina building is lit up by digiTILE LED screen

Diversified, the largest integration company in the world, has installed a digiTILE Q2600R into Illumina in Granta Park, Cambridge. The  building is described as an ‘architecturally designed winter garden’, as it is made almost entirely of glass. The constantly varying lighting conditions throughout each day meant there was only one solution, the digiTILE Q2600R – an ideal choice as it can run at around 1,100 nits.

The screen is being used for internal advertising and webinars, broadcast in front of the company, so the high refresh rates of the digiTILE Q2600R ensure a super smooth and visually superior experience.

“Illumina had been searching for the perfect screen for a while when we suggested our digiTILE Q2600R. They were after modern HD display technology to put into their brand-new winter garden and we were able to supply just that.”

Jon Perkins Technical Sales Manager, digiLED