Create something different

The next addition to the digiTILE range is the super size digiTILE MAX. With the tiles being 320mm x 320mm it’s ideal for large outdoor quick installation solutions as well as custom shaped screens – a flexible tile by tile approach to suit your requirements.

With aluminium tile casing, high quality Nationstar RS LEDs and MBI5252 driver ICs, the digiTILE MAX is digiLEDs latest premium quality screen offering.

Fix it simply and with precision

  • All you need for the rental market
  • Based on front or rear access with discreet hex screw fixings for the LED tiles
  • Optional super size cabinet, or design and fabricate your own framework to suit
  • Certified with CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS and FCC (TBC)
  • Hot back up data signal emergency activation
  • Super flat tile base aluminium material for exceptional heat dissipation

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