digiLED LED screens proud to play a part at the Presidential Inauguration

digiLED are proud to have played a small part in welcoming the new President and Vice-President on Wednesday.

digiLED LED screens flanked the Capitol Building at the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, as both were sworn in for duty at this momentous occasion.

What a day! #digiLED #TheLEDScreenExperts #LED #LEDScreens #AV #AVtech #technology #pixel #pixelpitch

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2021

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Wishing all our customers a healthy & happy new year  from your friends at digiLED

We’re looking forward to seeing you again this year.


Update from digiLED regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been left with no option but to follow Government guidance regarding social distancing, and therefore will be temporarily suspending all installations and non essential maintenance by our digiLED team, and our office at the Pixel Depot in Surrey is now closed until further notice.

We are however still working, and so if you have a sales enquiry or an urgent technical issue with your digiLED screen which required telephone support then please do get in touch.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on any changes and we hope to see our customers again very soon.

digiTHIN LED display welcomes visitors in stunning new offices

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One of the latest digiTHIN installations can now be found located in the main reception of the prestigious No.1 Spinningfields building in Manchester.

Schroders Real Estate has just refurbished its last vacant floor at No.1 Spinningfields, along with unveiling its groundbreaking new digiTHIN HD 2mm screen in the ground floor reception. The interactive screen has been designed using the most modern and energy efficient systems, and the creative possibilities with this screen are endless.

See the screen in action

ISE 2020 and the outstanding digiTHIN LED screen on display

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Thanks to everyone who made it to ISE, surprisingly more of you than we had thought and it was great to see old friends again and meet new ones.

If you did make it then you’ll have seen our amazing 6k 1.5mm digiTHIN screen on display. Here’s a reminder of the reasons why it was worthy of so much attention at the show:

  • HD/4k/8k compatible LED screen formats
  • BIG on ease of use
  • 5-Year Warranty as standard
  • ‘Direct-to-wall’ fixing with patented z-axis alignment and soFLAT® technology
  • Cableless tile connection
  • Change any component in seconds
  • Squashed frog plate mounting solution for 70″ & 90″ screen formats

Get in touch to find out more or arrange a visit to see it at The Pixel Depot.


A whole new LED screen experience for the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Sports Stadium recently reinvigorated its venue with a cool $185 million investment in Ohio, USA. Central to the transformation is a first of its kind ‘Power Portal’ – an LED tunnel covered with 204 sqm of digiLED digiTHIN HD and digiFLEX panels, amounting to a jaw dropping 25 million pixels.

This amazing creation was delivered by ANC, digiLEDs integration partner. To find out more about this and our other projects, get in touch.

Learn all about the digiTHIN LED

Latest digiTHIN LED screens installed in California office

Blue Shield  have invested in two new large digiTHIN LED screens at their corporate headquarters in Oakland, California.

The larger of the two screens is located in a coffee bar on the main floor lobby of the building, with views straight out onto the two major downtown Oakland streets. digiLED’s digiTHIN HD has been the perfect choice, with the unobtrusive panels easily attaching to the wall, and fantastic image quality easily visible from the pavement outside, so they can interact with the local community on current affairs, company news and local information.

The CEO’s executive board room is also benefitting from a new state of the art digiTHIN LED screen, which will  be ideal for displaying pin sharp presentations.

“The end result of this project is truly stunning, I am so proud to have been a part of it. Once the project was completed, the building looked completely revitalised and modern. The client was very pleased with the outcome.”

Sal Sandoval – Technical Sales Manager of Americas, digiLED

Find out more about our digiTHIN LED here

Parx Casino opens news sportsbook venue with a 165sqm digiLED digiTHIN LED screen

Over the Summer, Parx Casino in Bensalam, Philadelphia opened its $10 million sportsbook, home of another digiLED digiTHIN LED screen.

The phenomenal 165 sqm digiTHIN Q LED display, wrapped around the walls of the room, offers a sharp pixel pitch of 2.6mm to light up the sporting venue. Thanks to the unique ability of the digiTHIN Q to create seamless faceted curves, it was the ideal for this project – both the left and right edges of the display curve around the contours of the room perfectly.

The brand new Sportsbook houses a full bar, 40 seats and 150 recliners for visitors to watch the action as it unfolds 24 hours a day on the multiple viewing options, either on nine ‘beyond HD’ LED walls, or  across 36 displays all at once.

“After a brief morning training course, the union technicians were able to use digiLED’s cleverly designed ‘push me pull you’ system to set up the precise column to column gap required to make the perfect faceted curves.

The industry renowned ability of digiLED’s digiTHIN LED screens to create stunning, flat displays was therefore beautifully blended into the curving returns of the screen. All without the need for different products on the flats and the curves.”

Tom Mudd – Technical Director, digiLED

Find out more about digiTHIN LED


The LED screen team enjoy a South African Braai

Grant du Plessis, digiLED Technical Manager here at our head office, celebrated completing his first year with us by cooking up an amazing traditional South African Braai and bringing the family in to visit too.

And his son Sebastian really loved our showroom!

Thanks Grant! We hope you’ll do the same again next year 😉


Illumina building is lit up by digiTILE LED screen

Diversified, the largest integration company in the world, has installed a digiTILE Q2600R into Illumina in Granta Park, Cambridge. The  building is described as an ‘architecturally designed winter garden’, as it is made almost entirely of glass. The constantly varying lighting conditions throughout each day meant there was only one solution, the digiTILE Q2600R – an ideal choice as it can run at around 1,100 nits.

The screen is being used for internal advertising and webinars, broadcast in front of the company, so the high refresh rates of the digiTILE Q2600R ensure a super smooth and visually superior experience.

“Illumina had been searching for the perfect screen for a while when we suggested our digiTILE Q2600R. They were after modern HD display technology to put into their brand-new winter garden and we were able to supply just that.”

Jon Perkins Technical Sales Manager, digiLED

digiLED goes back to its footballing grass roots

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We are delighted to be supporting North Ferriby FC by sponsoring their Man Of The Match (MOTM) programme this season. North Ferriby FC is the phoenix club that has restored football to Ferriby following the high profile demise of North Ferriby United.

Graham Burgess, digiLED CEO, has a long history with football in his home town, playing for South Hunsley, captaining the East Riding schoolboys and playing for local teams, including Malet Lambert OB and South Cave United, before starting Ferriby KGV in 1981.

KGV was sponsored by Peter Burgess, Graham’s father’s company (and was way ahead of its time, as there was no sponsorship in Pro clubs back then). Eventually it became Ferriby Sporting Club, and was one of the top sides in the Hull Sunday League. The club ran until around 2010-12, even though Graham had moved away from the area some years before.

Graham now lives in London, but he still manages to get to Ferriby games when he can and was, of course at Wembley for both the FA Vase and FA Trophy finals.

His passion for football is evident with digiLED’s involvement in supplying high profile sporting venues over the years, such as at the grounds of Hull City, Arsenal, Hampden Park, Headingley and Twickenham as well as further afield in Europe and the States.

“Along with the local community, and the wider football world, I am delighted that digiLED are involved with North Ferriby FC as they take their place back in the football leagues. Born and bred in the village, I grew up watching Ferriby at this level, let’s hope we can see the Club build on an impressive rebirth. Good luck to Les, the management, players, fans and everyone associated with North Ferriby FC”.

Graham Burgess, CEO of digiLED