The award-winning digiFLEX

The rubberfaced, lightweight, bendy LED video solution, ideal for the live events market.

Available in 6mm & 10mm pixel pitch, get in touch for further details.


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Blue Man Group drums up some digiTHIN

Event: Blueman Group

Product: digiTHIN

Press Release

Pixel pitch: 6mm

Quantity: 370 tiles

Country: USA


The Pixel Depot – don’t just take our word for it…

“The Pixel Depot is a most welcome new resource. It will be a real help to designers and specifiers because it allows direct comparisons between displays of different resolution and construction; and it also has the space to show many imaginative, not to say wacky, variations on the LED theme, from video floors to bendy screens.” Robert Simpson, Founder Director, Electrosonic.

“The Pixel Depot is a great facility where a wide range of different LED products can bee seen and compared in a relaxed and informal environment.” Dave Crump, CT UK

“The Pixel Depot delivers a client ready resource for industry professionals and specifiers to see a wide variety of LED products showcased under one roof, allowing clients to make informed technical decisions in a professional environment.” Tim Manning, Swarm



Squarepusher’s digiFLEX helmet lights up his tour


Application: Purchased by the musician Squarepusher, and worn as a helmet

Event: Squarepushers worldwide tour

Press Release

Product: digiFLEX

Pixel pitch: 6mm

Quantity: 1 x digiFLEX tile


Pixel pitch: 1.9mm

Brightness: 2,000 Nits

Tiles size: 684mm x 608mm



Pixel pitch: 2.6mm

Brightness: 1,500 Nits

Tiles size: 500mm x 500mm



Pixel pitch: 3.9mm

Brightness: 3,500 Nits

Tiles size: 500mm x 500mm


The world’s highest resolution screen at The Pixel Depot launch

Event: The Pixel Depot launch, September 2012

Product: P1.9

Press Release

Pixel pitch: 1.9

Minimum viewing distance: 1 metre

Brightness: 2,000 nits

Country: UK

Elvis is brought to life with MC7

Application: Purchased by high end US  rental company

Event: Elvis 35th Anniversary concert, August 2012

Product: MC7

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Quantity: 4 x MC7 screens

Country: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

MC7 lights the stage at the BET Awards


Application: Purchased by high end US  rental company

Event: BET Awards, July 2012

Product: MC7

Press Release

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Quantity: 800 modules

Country: USA

MC7 and MC15 tours to Dublin & the UK with Springsteens Wrecking Ball Tour 2012

Application: Purchased by high end US  rental company

Event: Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball tour 2012, UK & Ireland

Press release

Product: MC7 & MC15

1000 modules x 7mm