Tile – impact and simplicity

Application: Video

Venue: XL Video, GmbH

Product: T8

Pixel pitch: 16mm virtual, 8mm effective

Dimensions: 5.2m wide x 3.0m high

Country: Germany

Quote: “The new screen is part of an upgrade of our trailer fleet. It answers our customers’ demands for higher resolution and provides a 16:9 aspect ratio in a 16m2 size, but within a 3.5 ton weight limit”, says XL Video GmbH’s Denis Papin.

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digiLED DFX6BB indoor screen

Pixel pitch: 6mm

Brightness: 1,500 Nits

Tile size: 160mm x 320mm

Coca Cola Piccadilly Circus

Application:  Removal and refit of the entire display

Venue: Coca Cola, Piccadilly Circus

Product: LVP1650SA

Pixel pitch: 16mm


Country: UK

Quote: “The Coca-Cola display in Piccadilly Circus is one of the most recognisable in the world, so it iscrucial that it continues to stand out from the crowd. By upgrading and refurbishing the screen, thedisplayLED team has ensured that Coca-Cola continues to dominate the Piccadilly Circus eye line.” Tim Ellerton, Coca-Cola

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d Series – Inbuilt reliability

Application: Live video feed

Venue: Bluetongue Stadium, Australia

Product: d12N

Pixel pitch: 25mm virtual, 12.5mm effective

Dimensions: 8.4m wide x 5.2m high

Country: Australia

Quote: “We’re absolutely delighted with the system, it looks great and really adds to the match day experience.” says Lyall Gorman the CEO of the Mariners.

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RFU Twickenham Stadium

Application: Service and maintenance

Venue: RFU Twickenham

Product: Mitsubishi OD10

Pixel pitch: 20mm virtual, 10mm effective


  • 2 x LED video screens  (70m2 each)
  • 2 x 16m x 1.4m  video banners

Country: UK