digiLED big screens give food for thought at Spanish shopping mall

Itaroa Shopping Mall in Pamplona, Spain, is one of the latest venues for two new digiLED screens. Sited in their food hall, the new 4.8mm pixel pitch displays were a great choice for communicating up to the minute news, travel bulletins and local advertising to their temporary captive audience.

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Aquarium reception brought to life with digiLED digiTHIN

digiLED has made a splash at Nausicaa Aquarium in France with two stunning digiTHIN displays. The two 2.6mm pixel pitch screens, each 3.5m wide x 2.25m high, were the only choice for the Sea Life centre when they visited the digiLED stand at ISE exhibition in Amsterdam. They were blown away by the seamless display and knew straight away that digiTHIN would be the perfect choice for communicating with visitors at the home of Europe’s largest aquarium.

Bertrand Klein, Nausicaa’s architect, says “We chose digiLED for the quality: wonderful images and reliability of the product. digiLED’s staff expertise and availability meant that the installation went smoothly and was carried out in a timely manner.”

Pat Lange, Sales Manager at digiLED, said of the project “Nausicaa made the choice to embrace new and impactful visual technology to enhance their visitors’ experience. It has been an amazing journey and has been great to be involved in supplying high resolution LED screens in to such a high profile venue.”

AV Integrators get hands-on with digiTHIN

Launched at ISE 2018, digiTHIN amazed visitors with its supreme image quality, super THIN structure, seamlessly flat construction (without any supporting framework) and the simplicity of maintenance tasks.

On Thursday 22nd March, The Pixel Depot welcomed AV professionals to get hands-on with our latest innovation. Run by the LED Screen Experts, the workshop set out to ensure teams are fully-equipped to address the unprecedented demand for LED display installations.

Attendees gained crucial insight into the extensive features and benefits of digiTHIN, before participating in a live build of the display in double-quick time.

Jon Perkins, digiLED Group Technical Sales Manager commented: “We are overwhelmed by the fantastic response to digiTHIN by all those in attendance. It appears that we were correct in thinking to introduce this groundbreaking product to the LED display market.”

100% of attendees said that they found the session “very useful” and 71% had a project in mind that digiTHIN would be an excellent solution for.

For further information or to arrange a visit to experience digiTHIN at The Pixel Depot, please contact info@digiled.com today.

New digiTHIN on display at The Pixel Depot

Europe’s largest LED screen showroom just got even better: fresh from its unveiling at ISE 2018, our slimline innovation digiTHIN display has just been installed ready for you to discover at The Pixel Depot!

Released earlier this month, digiTHIN is changing the shape of the indoor fixed installation market: ultra-thin design, true 16:9 aspect ratio dimensions, precision mechanics for efficient, seamless installs, plus direct wall mounting technology which saves the cost of expensive sub-frames, combine to produce the advanced system.

Developed to replace projector displays in indoor public areas, digiTHIN is fully-equipped to satisfy long-term performance with power and data redundancy. With complete component customisability, this system can be installed for optimum performance or a more cost-effective approach can be taken. All in all, digiTHIN is the simple solution for all indoor applications.

To arrange your visit to experience the quality and ease of installing digiTHIN, contact the LED Screen Experts via info@digiLED.com or call 0207 381 7840 today.

Slimline digiTHIN changes the LED screen installation game

Stand Best

Released at ISE 2018, the slimline digiTHIN range of LED displays generated significant interest amongst show visitors, and judging by the response, it’s set to change the future of indoor screen installations.

digiTHIN: a new way to look at LED

digiTHIN: a new way to look at LED

Super-slim design, true 16:9 aspect ratio dimensions, precision mechanics for efficient, seamless installs, plus direct wall mounting technology which saves the cost of expensive sub-frames, combine to produce this innovative system.

Designed for projector replacement, digiTHIN allows simple fixed installations into indoor public areas such as retail environments, corporate settings, venues, television studios and the education market. It’s fully-equipped to satisfy long-term performance with double the amount of power and data connectors required: back-up components will automatically take control as a fail-safe.

With orders placed at the show, and our sales team working hard to prepare quotes for multiple requests, it’s clear to see the impact and quality of the feature-packed digiTHIN.

Read our ISE 2018 newsletter – If you wish to join our mailing list to receive future newsletters, contact marketing@digiled.com today.

Click here for further information on digiTHIN, the latest innovation from digiLED.

Want to experience digiTHIN for yourself? Contact the LED Screen Experts today to arrange your viewing.

Thank you to all those who visited our stand at ISE 2018. Our LED screen experts are working hard to get your quotations to you, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

New term, new photos

Photo credit: Tonie Wishart, digiLED

Some fantastic new shots of the energy-efficient digiLED QUASAR LED screen in action at the University of Northampton which was installed in spring 2017.

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Pete’s Big TVs winning winter with digiLED screens

With thousands of square metres of digiLED kit in operation globally, our distinguished rental partners’ winter seasons of events are well underway. LED screen systems are being integrated into their clients’ elaborate, innovative set designs, amazing and engaging audiences worldwide.

digiLED’s major rental partners Pete’s Big TVs (PBTV) have delivered world-class displays at several locations across the United States in recent weeks. Below is a flavour of some of the projects they have completed using their stock of digiLED’s high-performance products.

SI Sports Person of the Year 2017 - PBTVDynamic digiLED backdrop for Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

Twin 8m x 4.5m digiLED MK7 LED screens were installed for the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony, held on 5 December at the Barclays Center, New York City.

The screens lined each side of the stage and provided a backdrop for the ceremony’s presenters as well as displaying live audience shots and video playback of pre-produced packages about the award nominees.

Hosted by Joel McHale and broadcast on NBC Sports Network, this year’s award winners were Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros and Houston Texans’ star defensive end JJ Watt, for their contributions to help the city recover following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Miss Universe 2017 Vegas - PBTVHuge PBTV operation to deliver 66th Miss Universe Competition

The 2017 edition of the Miss Universe pageant was held on 26 November at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas and PBTV were on hand to provide LED screens and crew for the event.

Almost 1000 7mm pixel pitch digiLED MK screens were used to construct six LED walls on stage. The displays were positioned in pairs at upstage centre, midstage and downstage, all measuring 9m high, with widths ranging from 2.5m to 6m.

Watch the video from the show broadcast on Fox here.

ADM Nov 2017 Show_KPMG-PBTVCurving LED displays formed at Orlando World Center Marriott

PBTV supplied more than 600 digiLED DLPo panels for ADM Productions event held at the Orlando World Center Marriott in November.

The 5.9mm DLPo tiles were used to establish a quartet of 6m diameter semi-circles around the hall, each measuring 6.5m tall. The same digiLED product was used to create three screens on stage: an 8m x 3m display in the centre was flanked by two slightly smaller screens either side.

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy; Video design: Darrel Maloney

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy; Video Design: Darrel Maloney

The Bright Screens of Broadway

PBTV is supporting the Broadway production of The Parisian Woman located at the Hudson Theater, with the use of digiLED products LightSlice and digiFLEX.

The show’s video design is by three-time Drama Desk Award nominee Darrel Maloney and utilises the lightweight and semi-transparent attributes of LightSlice and digiFLEX to create a scenic wall, which is flown in and out during scene changes.

Written by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon and directed by Tony Award winner Pam MacKinnon, The Parisian Woman debuted on 30 November and runs until 11 March 2018. Inspired by Henri Becque’s controversial 1885 play, La Parisienne, it features Academy Award nominee Uma Thurman, star of the acclaimed 1994 hit Pulp Fiction, as well as Josh Lucas, Blair Brown, Marton Csokas and Phillipa Soo.

LED screen expertise and innovation on display at ISE 2018


ISE 2018 begins in less than a month and LED screen specialists digiLED will be exhibiting at stand 12-C60, showcasing the latest innovations from the award-winning range of display products from 6-9 February.

Next-generation technology and a new way to look at LED will be waiting for you to discover. Combine this with a chance to meet our experienced team and you’ll see why digiLED are the go-to LED display solutions provider, whatever your requirement.

Stay tuned for further ISE 2018 details, the latest on our exciting new product developments and all the latest stories here or follow us on Twitter.

Last time digiLED were in Amsterdam for ISE

Season’s Greetings from digiLED

Christmas 2017 IdeaWishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous New Year.

Thank you for supporting our business this year. We are excited about the bright future ahead and we look forward to working with you on the road to success in 2018.

Take a look back at our best bits of 2017:

Feb: digiLED unveils new office in Shenzhen   –   Apr: Slam dunk at basketball event with digiLED Toura

May: digiLED screens star at MTV Movie & TV Awards   –   Jun: New x-TEK smashes it at InfoComm 2017

Sep: LED screen world first at UoN   –   Nov: LDI 2017 scatter screen success

Our offices will resume full working hours on Tuesday 2nd January. Kick-start your 2018 by booking an appointment to visit the world’s best LED screen showroom, The Pixel Depot!


LED displays and event industry market trends

Patrick2Joining digiLED in January 2017, I knew nothing about the world of LED displays. Not even what differentiated it from a consumer LED backlit TV. A background in video scaling and processing certainly helps, but not as much as over 250 combined years’ experience in the LED screen industry! Rest assured, our CEO, Graham Burgess, isn’t that old.

Is the events market driven by consumer trends?

To an extent, it is. Production companies regularly receive requests to provide a HD screen, or even 4K, for upcoming events. If £600 can buy a 4K TV, it’s surely not a problem to replicate a similar display on stage, is it?

Industry standard for indoor LED screens was, until recently, 3.9mm pixel pitch. But do you know how big a 3.9mm pitch screen with HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) would be? It would measure 7.5m in width and 4.2m in height. That’s 8.6m or 339” diagonally. Quite a large TV indeed. For 4K width, you’d need a lot of space as all dimensions are doubled: measuring 15m (w) x 8.4m (h) and a whopping 17.2m diagonal.

So, how do you go about explaining to a customer that although a 4K screen positioned centre stage would have an impressive resolution, it might just be too big?

Having a showroom is instrumental in demonstrating the comparisons between pixel pitches in relation to viewing distances. It is definitely a plus if you can offer clients an ‘eyes on’ perspective of appropriate technology for a particular project.

When assessing what’s the right kit, a key factor is to determine how close the screen will be to the audience. Is it 5m or so for the people right at the front? If the answer is yes, then you don’t need to spend so much on a high-resolution screen. A 3.9mm pixel pitch display will do comfortably providing you have the space to reach your desired resolution. Ultimately, you need to see it to believe it and experience how the eye fills the gaps between the pixels to recreate a perfectly smooth image at a certain distance from the LED screen.

In the events industry, a lot of credit must go to project managers: they have the difficult task of convincing their clients that even HD resolution is not necessarily needed to achieve great results – let alone 4K resolution. Especially if the screen size is dictated by the space available.

Events professionals constantly juggle the various factors: pixel pitch, viewing distance, screen size, content and budget considerations when it comes to getting the best results for a client at an acceptable cost.

We all aspire to have an easier life, don’t we? What if you could just say: “Sure. HD, no problem. It’ll suit the stage design and your cost expectations.”

Has 2.6mm replaced the 3.9mm industry standard pixel pitch for indoor rental LED displays?

We’ve seen that 2017 has confirmed this in my opinion. The good thing about 2.6mm is that there are 192 pixels per 500mm wide panel. Well done for those whose maths skills are up to speed: fit 10 of these panels together, and that’s your 1920-pixel width achieved. As simple as you like. At 15sqm (5m wide x 3m high), that’s a 33% size reduction compared with using 3.9mm panels, to create a HD screen.

Aside from price, the concern when going for higher resolution has always been reliability.

Each square metre of 3.9mm LED panel contains 65,536 pixels. Decrease the pixel pitch to 2.6mm and the pixel count escalates to 147,456! Thus, a 33% decrease in pixel pitch results in 125% increase in pixel count. Is that what you call inversely exponential increase or what? Just imagine the volume of components needed to work harmoniously, without overheating, and retaining greyscale, colour and brightness consistency throughout.

So, why stop at 2.6mm?

Won’t finer pixel pitch screens allow for smaller displays to fit locations with space constraints?

Sub-2mm LED screens have started to appear in the rental display market. A 1.9mm LED panel measuring 500mm wide has a horizontal resolution of 256 pixels. Thus, HD screens are theoretically achievable in 3.75m, utilising 7.5 panels to establish your 1920-pixel width, but in reality, it’s 4m as you’d need the full eighth panel. Remember to double all these figures if you’re after 4K resolution.

Several events will have screens that can easily be wider than 8m, beyond 4K resolution if using sub-2mm LED panels. It becomes complicated and expensive to have the necessary bandwidth throughout the entire video chain to cater for such high resolution. Many would judge the expense unnecessary with regards to viewing distance: such a large screen is not likely to be viewed from very close, throwing the whole benefit of a sub-2mm LED display out the window!

I believe 1.9mm and narrower pixel pitches will find a home in rental houses in a relatively small number of panels, working alongside 2.6 and 3.9mm LED screens. But for smaller displays, wouldn’t it make sense to move from the standard 500 x 500mm rental format to a HD, or 8:9 ratio panels (two panels make a 16:9 ratio canvas)? Yes, you’ll have to do a bit more maths to work out the number of panels required for a job, but if you think only in HD and 4K screens, it is a no brainer and an easier sell to the end user!

Making quality last

LED panels are fragile. Most repairs we carry out are due to module edge damage, where the LEDs are most exposed. But component choice, panel design and assembly procedure will have a huge impact on how long your screen will retain its fresh-faced delivery appearance.  It will be no surprise that a system using the best single bin/batch LEDs, driver IC and scan cards costs more and hopefully it should be designed to mitigate a rough life on the road, but users need to learn how to handle the system with derig (you know what it’s like; 1.00am and everyone just wants away) so often being the critical time.

When I joined digiLED, I was surprised to find out that we had a twelve-strong team of colleagues based in the Far East dedicated to the quality control process. Overkill, sprang to mind! However, with the volume of business our dedicated sales team are bringing in, and the fact that we implement a 228-step manufacturing process that each project is subject to, it’s pretty evident that they’re a busy bunch.

People want quality, of course. But, what’s better than quality is lasting quality. Then everyone wins, no question.

digiLED’s first ten-degree curving 2.6mm rental screen x-TEK has just hit UK soil. We truly believe we are delivering our best indoor rental screen ever – exciting times ahead! I am genuinely looking forward to hearing the reaction of clients and staff of the prestigious London-based production company that have again entrusted digiLED with the latest technology. More details soon…

Pat Lange, digiLED’s rental market expert, with the contribution of marketing specialist, Dan Brown.

Scatter screen success at LDI 2017 for digiLED

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Creative LED display concepts, cutting-edge technology and the unrivalled experience of our specialist team resulted in another great show at LDI 2017 for digiLED.

The biggest talking-point on the digiLED booth was the impressive scatter display: a collection of products in the award-winning range amalgamated into one design to showcase how different pixel pitches and styles can collaborate to deliver eye-catching, striking visuals.

Thank you to all who attended our booth over the three-day event. Our salespersons are working tirelessly to deliver your quotes as soon as possible, but if you have any queries in the meantime, please contact info@digiLED.com for further information.

In case you missed us, take our LDI booth tour below with digiLED Commercial Director, Guy Horrigan:

Amongst all the hullabaloo of the exhibition, digiLED celebrated its 14th birthday in style at the stand.

19.11 (1)

14 years of LED screen expertise and success

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Photos from left to right: Philadelphia Parx Casino, USA; Nike Zoom City, USA; bet365 Stadium, UK; Samantha Thavasa retail store, Japan; Sheffield Hallam University, UK; The Pixel Depot, UK; Piccadilly Circus, UK; Bristol Motor Speedway, USA; University of Phoenix Stadium, USA

For more images of previous installations and rental events using digiLED products, visit our gallery.

LED screen experts, digiLED, celebrate their 14th anniversary today. Established under its former name displayLED on this day back in 2003 by CEO Graham Burgess, digiLED is renowned for its industry-leading expertise as sales of LED displays explode around the world.

Sports venues like the Sydney Olympic Park, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Twickenham and Bristol Motor Speedway, with their stunning centre-hung Colossus, feature digiLED large scale displays. Iconic tourist locations such as Piccadilly Circus and Times Square benefit from digiLED’s know-how. In the events space, the Ryder Cup has repeatedly used digiLED technology whilst music giants and the car industry entrust their reputations to the digiLED brand.

The company has become synonymous with award-winning products, unmatched expertise from our experienced team and unparalleled technical service support in the world of LED technology.

Burgess explained: “Reflecting on our business in the last 14 years, I am incredibly proud of our achievements. We have a fantastic and dedicated team in the UK and the US, China, Italy, Greece and most recently Japan. With the continued development of digiLED products and the growth of our professional team, we’re now truly an established brand with a strong global presence in the LED screen market.”

As we enter our 15th year, it’s fitting that we are showcasing our latest and greatest product innovations amongst our industry friends at LDI 2017 in Las Vegas. Visit booth 2542 to join the celebrations and understand why the LED screen experts continue to the lead the LED screen industry.