LED Floor at the European Games 2015 closing ceremony in Baku

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Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (3)

Event: European Games Closing Ceremony

Product: NX7 LED Floor

Quantity: 1761 tiles

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Country: Baku in Azerbaijan

Closing ceremony highlights  Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (9)

Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (1)

Entire LED floor built in NYC for Nike latest basketball project

court 6Event: Nike City of Zoom, New York

Client: Creative Technology (CT) LA on behalf of their customer, Production Glue

Product: LED dance floor, 9.3mm, black glass

Screen size:500 sqm

Pixel pitch: 9mm

Country: USA

‘We needed a bright, high contrast LED floor that would look great on TV that could not only withstand an action packed basketball game but could also offer the durability that our customer needed. We approached Graham Burgess at displayLED, knowing that their experience of the products available in China would mean we could source the right product, from the right supplier at a competitive price’.

Graham Andrews, CEO at Creative Technology Los Angeles

Watch the Nike City of Zoom floor

Nike CT Feb 2015 (3) Nike CT Feb 2015 (1)

Case Study: Nike Zoom City

digiLED Screens are on stage for ‘We Will Rock you’ the Musical

DT822 WWRY Ti10

Event: ‘We Will Rock You’ The Musical

Product: Ti10

Screen size: 12.96sqm

Pixel pitch: 10mm

Country: Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Katy Perry’s LED screen cake is the icing on top of her worldwide tour

Event: Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour (2014 – 15)

Product: DFX10BB

Pixel pitch: 10mm

Quantity: 220 LED tiles

Country: Worldwide


displayLED in Focus: TPi Article

In recognition of the displayLED 10 year anniversary this November this year, Graham Burgess is interviewed in TPi magazine about setting up displayLED and how it has grown over the years. Have a read!

TPi DLS in focus Sept 2013

LED screens make a fantastic display at Pink’s ‘Truth about Love’ worldwide tour

Application: Purchased by high end AV rental company for use at rock n roll events

Event: P!nk’s Worldwide ”The Truth about Love’ Tour, 2013

Product: MC7

Pixel pitch: 7.8mm

Press Release

Supply Quantity: 378 modules making up 5 x LED Screens

AV Magazine article

Quote: “These are the best looking screens ‘on camera’ that I’ve ever worked with. The live footage is fantastic: the colours are vibrant and the resolution and brightness levels are great. I’m impressed with how reliable the MC7s have been.”  Rob Brewer, LED engineer for CT

Country: USA, UK, Europe & Australia

In 2008 digiLED’s digiFLEX became an award winning innovation

The rubberfaced, lightweight, bendy LED video solution, ideal for the live events market was developed by digiLED in 2007, winning an innovation award at Plasa exhibition in 2008.

Arsenal Emirates

Application: Installation, match day support & preventative maintenanceAdd Video

Venue: Emirates Stadium

Products & Size:

  • Two x 72 square metre Mitsubishi OD12 LED video screens
  • Two x Mitsubishi LED clocks
  • 258m x 900mm banner

Pixel pitch:

  • LED video screens – 25mm
  • Banner – 21mm horizontal, 16mm vertical

Country: UK

Quote: “The LED big screens, perimeter advertising and halfway line clocks have significantly enhanced the Clubs commercial partner match day inventory and are integrated well within the Emirates Stadium complex. The displayLED team’s specialist knowledge and experience was invaluable in our decision-making and now we rely on their skills for match day LED screen support.” Nick Harford, Partnership Manager, Arsenal

Press Release

Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Headingley

Headingley Cricket UK

Application: Live video feed & scoreboard

Venue: Yorkshire County Cricket club, Headingley

Product: Ld10S

Pixel pitch: 20mm virtual, 10mm effective

Dimensions: 16m wide x 6.4m high

Country: UK

Press release

Coca Cola Piccadilly Circus

Application:  Removal and refit of the entire display

Venue: Coca Cola, Piccadilly Circus

Product: LVP1650SA

Pixel pitch: 16mm


Country: UK

Quote: “The Coca-Cola display in Piccadilly Circus is one of the most recognisable in the world, so it iscrucial that it continues to stand out from the crowd. By upgrading and refurbishing the screen, thedisplayLED team has ensured that Coca-Cola continues to dominate the Piccadilly Circus eye line.” Tim Ellerton, Coca-Cola

Press release