Pixel Pitch v Pixels per Square Metre – Graham Burgess

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Graham Burgess - digiLED CEO (4)Staying with the ISE theme, I want to make a point about the resolution of an LED screen and the way our industry describes it. Back at ISE2004, a 6mm pixel pitch (better described as 27,777 pixels per square metre) was considered a high resolution screen and the thought of building an HD LED screen was ludicrous.
Last week in Amsterdam any self respecting LED screen supplier featured at least 1.9mm (277,000 pixels per square metre), ten times the resolution of 2004. Using 1.9mm we can fit an HD screen into just 7.5 square metres, in 2004 the same HD screen, using 6mm technology, would have been almost 75 square metres.
We were even treated to a 0.9mm pitch (1,234,567 pixels per square metre) from Unilumin, that’s more than 44 times the resolution from the 6mm screen 13 years ago. Do you see this way of expressing resolution is more informative than a simple pixel pitch?
Interestingly, they showed a full HD LED display using 1.25 million pixels per square metre (lets call it 1.25 psm) and it was only just over 1.5 square metres.
My telly’s bigger than that!!