Rental LED Products

digiTILE Rental LEDdigiTILE 8

Precision mechanics and slimline design combine to deliver sleek, stunning LED screen displays. Capable of convex and concave curving, it allows you to unleash your creativity.

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x-TEK LEDx-Tek front

A beautifully smooth curving LED screen display with concave and convex options. Simple to install and de-rig, and with indoor and outdoor ranges available in various pixel pitches, it is a great rental option.

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STELLA M Rental LEDStella M Rental rear 320x222

With a functional design, the Stella M rental LED product is matched to affordable pricing for both indoor and outdoor rental applications, along with reliable electronics and CE certification, it makes Stella a star performer in the most demanding scenarios.

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Lightweight, entirely plastic moulded modular frame with easy twist VAC (variable angle coupler) connectors. Very fast rig/derig for indoor and outdoor LED display applications. Fully TUV certified (CE pending) and protected up to IP65.

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For ultra lightweight applications, the digiLED DPP-Q mini LED display system is a fast rig/derig solution for the rental market. Easy, no-tool installation makes it ideal for your events.

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The unique, lightweight, bendy LED video screen solution now offers more for the live events and fixed installation markets. It’s flexible, thin, magnetic and all in all is a unique combination that allows you to express your creative ideas.

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