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The largest outdoor centre hung LED screen in the World makes the front page

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Colossus TV was centre stage at our booth at InfoComm 2016 this year, and because it is such a record breaking success, AV magazine have made it front page news.

AV magazine title page June 2016

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Bristol Motor Speedway’s Colossus TV LED screen on display at InfoComm 2016

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The digiLED booth at InfoComm caused a stir this year, with a replica of Bristol Motor Speedway’s Colossus TV – the largest outdoor centre hung LED display in the World.

The display looked incredibly lifelike in all but size. Bristol in Tennessee’s Colossus TV is built with nearly 1,000sqm of digiLED Toura 6mm, while the centre hung LED screen replica at InfoComm came in slightly less at 10sqm of digiLED iMAG 2.6mm & digiFLEX 6mm, with a backdrop of the digiLED Toura 6mm showing images and videos of the installation.
Infocomm 2016 (1)

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Our digiLED screens are worth looking out for at InfoComm 2016

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InfoComm 2016 is only a few weeks away now, and we hope that we’ll be able to treat you to a coffee or a beer on our booth number N1153.

To register for the show for free, here are the details you need:

InfoComm 2016 LV invite

A ‘Big LED screen’ will never be the same for me again – Tom Mudd

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Tom Mudd - digiLED Technical Director (3)

I have spent my entire career working on “big” screens but after Colossus, the latest project with GoVision using digiLED Toura 6mm and being installed at Bristol Motor Speedway, I’m seriously going to have to re-evaluate quite what the “big” means.

Everything about this project dwarfs all my previous builds. Until now, it was easy to describe sizes as “the size of a double garage” or “half a tennis court”. This job changes everything!

Every single face of screen weighs in at more than four and-a-half tonnes and measures 19.2 metres wide and 9 metres high. To put that in context, if Curries was promoting this, they’d call it an 835 inch TV. Each face of screen has 3,888,000 pixels – that’s 1.8 million pixels more than your domestic HD telly. The surface area of just one screen (and bear in mind there are 4 of these in the Colossus installation) is large enough under UK planning for 15 car parking spaces. Each screen is 2.7 Storeys high from bottom to top but bear in mind too, the top row of pixels sits 140 feet in the air (and that’s half the axel-height of the London Eye).

The bottom ring (flown just beneath the four faces of Colossus) contains 144 panels, (2,332,800 pixels) with a circumference so long that the Mars Curiosity Rover would take twenty four (and a half) minutes to drive around the ring.

A grand total of 20,217,600 pixels are installed within Colossus fed by a fibre optic loom containing more than 140 cores. Behind this sits a mega-rack with more than 36 digiLED Navigator-NV LED Processors dividing and distributing the multi-4k-content.

All in all, the gigantic Colossus is just that, absolutely colossal.