Talking LEDs by Tom Mudd

Photo credit: ANC, Pacers Sports and Entertainment & Jackson Hart

Covering the center-hung gondola at Indiana Pacers in LED

Flat screens are so last decade. This was very much the design philosophy when imagining the geometry of the centre-hung gondola at Indiana Pacers.

The designers requested a solution that not only curved each of the 4 main faces of the gondola but also leant them outwards at a 3 degree bank – all designed to improve the crowd’s screen-view experience.

Curved screens ? Easy ! Leaning screens ? No problem. Challenge number 3 for digiLED though was to ensure that, at the edges, where neighbouring faces of screen met, the maximum amount of corner zone was filled with video-pushing LED surface. This required the design of custom wedge-shaped corner PCBs that became custom corner LED tiles which created the full zone fill of video surface on each and every corner.

Curve, meets bank, meets corner. Easy when you know how !

The Gondola design was 80% complete but what about the last bit ?

Lets put LED INSIDE the Gondola the designers said.

No problem digiLED said.

As you see in the photo, the interior volume of the Gondola was also counter-lined with LED video surface, working in harmony with the geometry of the outer.

“If there is one seat in the house that cannot get a full and immersive screen-feed” said Tom Mudd (me) “I’d be amazed… This is an arena LED solution BUILT for the crowd.”

Photo courtesy of ANC Sports & Events