Tawar Mall, Qatar

One project, 13 different customisations

In 2018, digiLED were tasked with providing eight outdoor and two indoor LED screens for Tawar Mall. The screens total a massive 840sqm, the largest quantity of LED at any single location in Qatar. For the eight outdoor displays, digiLED supplied a product that required a total of 13 different customisations to ensure that the client got exactly what they needed.

One of the main adjustments digiLED worked on was to enable the screens to function in the harshest of environments in the Middle East; extremely high temperatures of +50°C, intense UV, saline conditions and sandstorms. digiLED customised the product to fit perfectly to the contours of the structure, resulting in a total of 12 bespoke cabinet shapes that sit perfectly on concave, convex and flat walls, with sharp, clean corners enabling the screens to wrap perfectly around the exterior of the building.

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