Bring your digiLED screens out of hibernation

Photo credit: ANC, Pacers Sports and Entertainment & Jackson Hart

Now that most lockdown restrictions have been lifted, most we’d like to share some important advice on how to care for your digiLED screen as it comes out of hibernation.

We trust that your digiLED rental inventory will have been stored in a suitable warehouse and this of course means one where the temperature and humidity don’t fluctuate too wildly.

Temperature and humidity changes can be the #1 enemy of a screen placed in storage (just think of the dew on your car in the morning as the temperature and humidity ramps up from the overnight conditions).

Assuming then that your digiLED screen has been stored in ideal conditions, the next critical thing is how to ‘wake’ the screen safely and gently as it’s first post-Corona job approaches.

The key to this is “Slow and Gentle”. It’s going to take at least 12 hours for you to safely do this before the gig !

Hard to believe but LED manufacturers actually prescribe a warm up procedure for pixels that enables humidity and moisture to be driven out of the pixel plastic – Yes, that’s right, even outdoor screens can gain a small water content in their pixels over long term storage !

To do this (and this bit is critical) power up the screen with no video signal and set the brightness to ~3 %.

Now connect the video signal. Feed the screen pure white. This combined with the 3% level will make the pixels start to glow very very gently.

Leave the screen in this state for at least 6 hours. Then, over the following 6 hours, ramp the brightness up to an eventual value of 30%.

By doing this you will have used the internal warmth of the LED diode junction to slowly expel water from the pixels.

At the end, with your comfortably warm 30% brightness white screen you should have a healthy and happy digiLED product, ready to perform for the next Post-COVID gig that comes your way.

Thank you for helping us to look after your digiLED product together.

We look forward to working together with you all in the new AV world that will emerge. Please do check in regularly on or on our social media for further news and advice in the post Corona era.