Parx Casino

Outside and Inside


In 2009 at Parx Casino in Philadelphia, a thoroughbred horse racing venue and the largest casino gaming complex in Pennsylvania, digiLED installed three giant screens on the roof of the casino and one at the racetrack. The screens were huge and when combined, the three rooftop installations came to over 473 sqm and contained nearly 4 million pixels and designed to last for ten years.
Even after 12 years on, they still looked impressive, however in 2021 digiLED were asked to replace them. Using custom built modern cabinets that shared the same physical dimensions and mounting bolts in the exact same place represented a significant cost saving for the client as well as enhancing the green credentials of the project.
This isn’t digiLED’s only installation for Parx, back in 2019 they were also tasked with installing two digiTHIN Q LED screens, amounting to over 165 sqm, into the brand new Sportsbook, a multimillion dollar addition to the Parx Casino facilities.

digiTHIN Q

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