The O2 Arena


At the beginning of 2022, digiLED replaced the 226m Daktronics Prorail system at The O2 Arena and installed a 12.5 million pixel digiTHIN HD LED screen in its place.
90% of the original screens’ structure was retained and modified to mount the new high-brightness, energy-efficient digiTHIN product, therefore reducing waste and minimising carbon footprint.

digiTHIN Series


As part of the upgrade, digiLED also installed its proprietary digiLED ZEUS technology (Zero Energy Usage System), reducing the display’s standby power-burn from 130,000kWh per annum to zero, with a cost saving of thousands of £.
All of this combined meant that the Arenamazing upgrade was not only cost-saving for The O2 Arena, but also CO2 reducing and planet saving!

digiTHIN Series