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When it comes to LED screen pixel quality, buy once and buy right – Tom Mudd

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Tom Mudd - digiLED Technical Director (3)On 2 January 2014 the 12-year-old Lighthouse Screen at Thompson Reuters, Canary Wharf was ripped out and upgraded with a digiLED ITe10 screen. The new digiLED screen offered a considerable upgrade to the old Lighthouse one, with the latest outdoor rating on the Nichia LEDs, and true 6500 nit daylight viewable brightness. Even so, it was an uphill struggle to persuade the client that it was worth spending the extra money on a better quality Nichia SMD LED chip.

Since that time, more than 750 days have passed. That equates to > 18,000 hours of operation time of the new screen.Why is this relevant? Because last week we had to do the first ever tile swap on the screen.

Undertaking a tile swap requires a brand-new LED tile to be removed from the spares kit and placed into the screen. Of course the brand-new tile has a runtime of less than 24 hours (from factory testing) compared that to the neighbouring tiles on the screen with a runtime of 18,000 hours.

Numerically, the difference in runtime / work life of the two tiles is massive! We warned the client at the time about the potentially visible difference, however when the new LED tile was installed the difference was minimal. Combine that with the on-board calibration memory feature of the digiLED ITe10, and all that was needed was a reboot of the scan card and bingo! The calibration data of the new tile was loaded side-by-side with a calibration of the original tiles.

The end result? The new LED tile disappeared – it became unrecognisable from its neighbours on the screen 🙂

Joy! This is what happens when you purchase quality LEDs at the start of your project. As is often the case, we had a long, protracted discussion when planning the screen with the owner about why you should choose Nichia LEDs and not some cheaper Chinese brand.

“These will give you greater efficiency,” we said. “Nichia will give you greater reliability,” we said. “Nichia LEDs will give you a longer lifespan,” we said… and last week we proved it !

Pixel Pitch v Pixels per Square Metre – Graham Burgess

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Graham Burgess - digiLED CEO (4)Staying with the ISE theme, I want to make a point about the resolution of an LED screen and the way our industry describes it. Back at ISE2004, a 6mm pixel pitch (better described as 27,777 pixels per square metre) was considered a high resolution screen and the thought of building an HD LED screen was ludicrous.
Last week in Amsterdam any self respecting LED screen supplier featured at least 1.9mm (277,000 pixels per square metre), ten times the resolution of 2004. Using 1.9mm we can fit an HD screen into just 7.5 square metres, in 2004 the same HD screen, using 6mm technology, would have been almost 75 square metres.
We were even treated to a 0.9mm pitch (1,234,567 pixels per square metre) from Unilumin, that’s more than 44 times the resolution from the 6mm screen 13 years ago. Do you see this way of expressing resolution is more informative than a simple pixel pitch?
Interestingly, they showed a full HD LED display using 1.25 million pixels per square metre (lets call it 1.25 psm) and it was only just over 1.5 square metres.
My telly’s bigger than that!!

The world’s largest centre hung LED display is heading to Bristol Motor Speedway

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Bristol Motor Speedway jpgs

Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee provides a perfect example of digiLED products and services coming together. Based on the highly successful digiLED Toura6, leading AV rental and integrator GoVision, in conjunction with Panasonic, have just signed-off the world’s largest centre hung LED display with our colleagues in China. Each of the main four screen surfaces measures 19.2m x 9m with a massive total display resolution of 11,520 x 1,350 (15,552,000) pixels to provide NASCAR fans with the ultimate viewing experience.

LED Floor at the European Games 2015 closing ceremony in Baku

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Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (3)

Event: European Games Closing Ceremony

Product: NX7 LED Floor

Quantity: 1761 tiles

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Country: Baku in Azerbaijan

Closing ceremony highlights  Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (9)

Baku 2015 Closing ceremony NX7 (1)