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digiLED take a break from LED screens for a few hours to hit the Thames

Much fun had by all on the most recent digiLED team day out – and thankfully digiLED are better at installing LED screens than they are driving boats…



The outdoor LED Screen market as seen by Graham Burgess, CEO of digiLED

Read the opinions of our CEO, Graham Burgess, on the outdoor LED screen market in InAVate Magazine:



The largest outdoor centre hung LED screen in the World makes the front page

Colossus TV was centre stage at our booth at InfoComm 2016 this year, and because it is such a record breaking success, AV magazine have made it front page news.

Read the article here

Colossus TV, the largest centre hung LED Screen display in the world, is unleashed!

The phenomenal Colossus TV, the worlds largest centre hung LED display at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, has now gone live.

This gargantuan structure has four sides, each with a huge digiLED Toura 6mm LED screen measuring 19.2 metres wide by 9 metres high.

A ‘Big LED screen’ will never be the same for me again – Tom Mudd

I have spent my entire career working on “big” screens but after Colossus, the latest project with GoVision using digiLED Toura 6mm and being installed at Bristol Motor Speedway, I’m seriously going to have to re-evaluate quite what the “big” means.

LED Screen in Sheffield Hallam University lecture theatre is a groundbreaking first

Sheffield Hallam University has recently installed a new LED Screen in their flagship lecture theatre, the first of its kind in the UK. Provided on behalf of Saville Audio Visual and in partnership with AV distributors AVM, this digiLED iMAG-R screen, 5m wide x 3m high with a 2.6mm pixel pitch has been chosen for its excellent image quality with high impact and great contrast, even with bright light levels in the theatre.

LED Screens in a dirty old town – Tom Mudd

When changing LED tiles in screens that are located in urban areas, it’s easy to see how polluted the environment we live in can be. Dirt, dust and construction ash all tend to accumulate on the LED screen faces and you may wonder why this doesn’t have more of a detrimental effect on the viewing characteristics. 

Ambient light levels when specifying an LED Screen – Jon Perkins

 Screen brightness is measured in NITs, so 1 Nit = 1 Candela per sqm. Typically, the minimum requirement would be 5000 Nits for outdoor and 800 Nits for indoor. However it’s not always about the brightness, it can also be about getting the contrast right.

LED Screen on display at BMW Championships 2015

Photo courtesy of: GoVision LP

Event: BMW Championship 2015

Product: Toura6

Pixel pitch: 6.67mm


The digiLED Toura LED Screen magnifies the Pope to a higher level as he addresses Congress

Photo courtesy of: GoVision LP

Event: The Pope US visit

Product: Toura6

Quantity: 3 x LED screens 2.7m x 4.8m

Pixel pitch: 6.67mm


Toura LED Screen is first at the Smirnoff party

Event: Smirnoff Party

AV rental specialist: GoVision

Product: Toura6

Quantity: 144 modules

Pixel pitch: 6mm

Country: USA

“We’re really excited about this new technology because it gives us the flexibility to push the envelope even further, especially with our outdoor LED configurations.

LED Floor at the European Games 2015 closing ceremony in Baku

Event: European Games Closing Ceremony

Product: NX7 LED Floor

Quantity: 1761 tiles

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Country: Baku in Azerbaijan

Closing ceremony highlights